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Don’t worry, the worksheet is attached. • There are two sheets attached. One is the worksheet you were looking for and the other is the Video Guide Help to leave in the VHS or DVD case for a fellow teacher. • Please print out both sheets and place the Video Guide Help sheet in the VHS or DVD case. • The Video Guides are constantly being

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Bill Nye Earthquakes Worksheet Answer Key

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Here are the worksheets that I currently have available. Simply click on the name to download. – Atoms – Atmosphere – Biodiversity – Blood and Circulation – Cells – Chemical Reactions – Comets and Meteors – Digestion – Electricity – Flight – Food Webs – Genes – Light and Color – Optics – Outer Space – Phases of Matter – Respiration – Seasons

Bill Nye Earthquakes

10. The center of the earthquake is the _____. 11. Name 3 items you need in an earthquake kit. a. b. c. 12. The _____ _____ is the way to compare the size of one earthquake to the size of another. 13. Each magnitude of the Richter Scale has _____ times more energy than the …

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1. Every year, there are (choose one) only a handful / thousands of earthquakes all over the world. 2. Earthquakes occur when the big pieces of earth’s crust, called plates, move a little. 3. In which directions do these plates move? Left, right, up, and down. 4. The earth’s surface is (choose one) inflexible / flexible. 5.

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This Guide provides a Lesson Planning Worksheet (see page 12), which can assist you in setting up your instruction around a topic.The following sections of this Implementation Guide are offered to assist your planning process: Determining Objectives and Linking to Standards The Learning Cycle Explore Apply Extend Assess –4– ©Disney

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earthquake with the size of another. 19. An earthquake of magnitude 3 has _____ times the ground motion of a magnitude 1, and it has a lot more energy. WORD BANK 100 Big plates Break Dogs Earthquake(s) (x2) Epicenter Farther apart Faults energy Flexible Hawaii Lava Measure Molten Liquid Richter Seismograph Seismometer

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