Circle Of Influence Worksheet

Circle Of Influence An Den Richtigen Stellen Mit Scalamento

Was ist der Circle of Influence? Der Circle of Influence ist eine Methode, die wir sehr gerne nutzen, um den Fokus in Veränderungsprozessen auf die richtigen Stellschrauben zu lenken. Eingeführt hat den Circle of Influence Stephen Covey in seinem Buch “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” als Methode, um die eigene Wirksamkeit zu erhöhen.

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How to do the Circle of Influence Exercise (30 mins) Draw a large circle. As big as you can. This is the Circle of Concern. Inside it are all the things you are bothered about. Outside, stuff goes on, but you don’t care about it. Draw a smaller circle inside the big circle so that it looks a bit like a fried egg.

The Circle Of Influence Exercise Jeff Toister


DRAW YOUR OWN 1. In the outer grey ring list those things that you are concerned about, but can’t control or influence 2. In the blue circle list those things you are concerned about, and you can influence 3. In the centre list those things you …

The Covey Circles Of Influence

The Covey Circles of Influence

Influence – be realistic about the concerns you can influence. Score your influence on a scale of 1-10 and any concern scoring lower than 5, move to ‘Accept’. Control – direct your time and energy towards the elements that you …

Circle Of Influence Model A Pro Active Tool For Anxious

The Circle of Influence Model: A Pro-Active Tool for Anxious Times

Circle Of Influence Activity Worksheet Michelle McClintock

Label one ‘Circle of Concern’ and inside the circle write down all the things in your life you feel concerned about, care about, feel worried or stressed about. Label the other ‘Circle of Influence‘ and using the guide on the previous page, start to reflect on and write down all the things you CAN ACTUALLY CONTROL. This list may be smaller …
the Circle of Influence. The Circle of Concern includes all the challenges and concerns you have in your work and in your life. The task is to realise which of these things are inside and which outside of your Circle of Control. Some …

Circles Of Influence SessionLab

Circles of Influence cover.PNG ( 10.2 KB) Materials Markers Post-its (various colors) Flipchart / Whiteboard Instructions Step 1: Draw up Covey’s circles on a whiteboard or flipchart. Make sure that everyone in the group understands the basic theory and …

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