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Worksheet will open in a new window. You can & download or print using the browser document reader options. 1. Dimensional Analysis Unit Conversion Answers 2. Chemistry Dimensional Analysis Practice Problems Answers 3. Dimensional Analysis Worksheet 4. Module 3: Calculating Medication Dosages 5. Dimensional Analysis Worksheet 6.

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Determine the units of a, b, c and d. What physical quantities they represent. All have SI units. Answer The magnitudes of physical quantities can be added together or subtracted from one another only if they have the same dimensions. So, the dimensions of d will be [T]

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Dimensional analysis – problems and solutions

2. Two quantities that have the same quantity but have a different physical concept…. A. Force and momentum. B. Energy and force. C. Potential energy and kinetic energy. D. …

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Dimensional Analysis Worksheet Updated: Fall 2016 ©2016, Binyomin Abrams 4 Problem 2. Convert 130 nm to km (answer: 1.3 × 10–10 km) When converting between units, always take a moment to consider whether your answer is reasonable. Nanometers are much smaller than kilometers, so the final answer should be much smaller than the initial value.

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Get help with your Dimensional analysis homework. Access the answers to hundreds of Dimensional analysis questions that are explained in a way …

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I have done #1 as example. 1.5400 inches to miles 5400 in. 1 ft × 12 in. 1 mi 5280 ft × 5400 mi 63360 0.085 mi = ≈ 2.13 weeks to seconds 13 weeks 7 days × 1 week 24 hrs × 1 day 60 min × 1 hr 60 sec 1 min × =7,862,400 sec 3.54 yards to mm 54 yards 3 feet × 1 yd 1 m × 3.28 ft 1000 mm 1 m × 162000 mm 3.28 49,390.24 mm = ≈ 4. cm 36 sec to mph

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Question 7 The mass of a solid cube is 856 g, and each edge has a length of 5.35 cm. Determine the density ρ ρ of the cube in basic SI units. Solution Now ρ=M V ρ = M V Here M= 856 g = .856 kg V =(5.35)3cm3=(5.35)3(1/100)3m3 V = ( 5.35) 3 c m 3 = ( 5.35) 3 ( 1 / 100) 3 m 3

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23. Convert 50 years into seconds. Express your answer in scientific notation. 24. Traveling at 65 miles/hour, how many feet can you travel in 22 minutes? (1 mile = 5280 feet) 25. One sphere has a radius of 5.10 cm; another has a radius of 5.00 cm. What is the difference in volume (in cubic centimeters) between the two spheres? Give the answer to the correct number of significant …

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(a) the men’s world record long jump, 29 ft 4.5 in, to meters (b) the greatest depth of the ocean, about 6.5 mi, to kilometers (c) the area of an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper in cm 2 (d) The displacement volume of an automobile engine, 161 in 3, to L (e) the estimated mass of the atmosphere, 5.6 x 10 15 tons, to kilograms (1 ton = 2000 lbs)

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