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HALF-LIFE PROBLEMS Name Block 1. An isotope of cesium (cesium-137) has a half-life of 30 years. If 1,0 g of cesium-137 disintegrates over a period of 90 years, how many g of cesium-137 would remain? A We) r" 2. Actinium-226 has a half-life of 29 hours. If 100 mg of actinium-226 disintegrates over a

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The half-life of palladium-103 is 17 days. Nitrogen-16 has a half-life of 7.2 seconds. How much nitrogen-16 will remain in a 100 g sample in 21.6 seconds? *Thallium-208 has a half-life of 3.053 minutes. How long will it take for 120 g to decay to 7.50 grams? Krypton-85 has a …

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1. Hypothesize what half‐lifeis: Observe the half‐life demonstration as directed by your teacher. 2. Calculate thenumber of radioactive atoms remaining after each half‐life. Write the number of atoms in the “Number of RadioactiveAtoms” column. Plot the number of radioactive atoms on the graph provided.

Half Life Problems Worksheets K12 Workbook


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Answer 1. A radioisotope decays from 150 mg to 120.2 mg in 5 days. Calculate the half-life of this isotope. Solution From N t = 1 2 t t 1 / 2 N o we rearrange this equation to take the form t 1 / 2 = t log 2 log N o N t = 5 log 2 log 150 120. 2 = 15.6482 days 2. Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8 days.



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4. Thallium-208 has a half-life of 3.053 minutes. How long will it take for 120.0g to decay to 7.5g? 5. The half-life of halfnium-156 is 0.025 seconds. How long will it take a 560g sample to decay to 140g? 6. Chromium-48 has a half-life of 21.6 hours. How long will it take 360.0g of chromium-48 to decay to 11.25g? 7.

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Half-life Practice Worksheet 1. Sodium-24 has a half-life of 15 hours. Ho much sodium- will remain in an 18.0 g sample after 60 hours? 30 2. After 42 days a 2.0 g sa osp orus-32 contains on isotope. What is the half4jfe of phosphorus-32? 3. Polonium-214 has a relatively short half-life of 164 seconds. How many

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