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How to Receive Child Support Services To contact CSS during regular business hours (M-F 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.), call the Child Support Call Center (CSCC) toll free at 1-888-757-2445. A child support representative can discuss how to enroll for services, support services in general, or answer questions about an existing child support case.

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Child Support Free Legal Forms. NOTICE: When using these online forms, please sign in and create an account because you need to save your answers often while completing the forms. Child Support Worksheet Use this Kansas Legal Services interactive form when the combined income of both parents is less than $50,000.

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Modification of Child Support. These forms may be used to modify an existing child support order. Read the Instructions for Motion to Modify Child Support to determine which forms you may need. If you do not have an existing child support order, please contact an attorney or the Kansas Child Support Services. If you have a question about the …

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You may also request an enrollment form by contacting the Child Support Call Center at 1-888-757-2445. Other necessary documents, such as a copy of the child’s birth certificate, may be requested in order for CSS to get started with your case. Anyone enrolling for services will need to read the Kansas CSS Handbook. .

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Child Support Services Worksheets/Forms/Other resources Home Currently selected; Program Services; Partners; Reports; Policies; Training; Program Contacts Customer Service Assistance 1-833-765-2003; Food, Child Care and Cash Assistance 1-888-369-4777; Report Child or Adult Abuse or Neglect 1-800-922 …

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This worksheet only provides an estimate of the amount of child support you may be obligated to pay. The Kansas court or CSS may come up with a different amount due to various factors that may be unique to your situation. How to Calculate Step 1: …

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1. Add all the non-custodial parent’s current support amounts together. Then, separately add the arrearage amounts together. 2. Next, determine the percentage for current support for EACH order and its arrearage using the ‘Support Orders Total’ in the example above ( $220.00 for current support; $60.00 for Arrears). 3.

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COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF: and CASE NO. CHILD SUPPORT WORKSHEET OF (name) PARTY NAME PARTY NAME A. INCOME COMPUTATION – WAGE EARNER 1. Domestic Gross Income $ $ (Insert on Line C.1. below)* B. INCOME COMPUTATION – SELF-EMPLOYED 1. Self-Employment Gross Income 2. Reasonable Business Expenses (-) 3. Domestic Gross Income (Insert on Line C.1. …

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