Le Chatelier’s Principle Worksheet

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Chemistry 12 Worksheet 2-2~.J LeChatelier’s PrinciIilieName:KE’i 1. In order to decide what effect achange in total pressurewill have on an equilibrium system with gases, what is the first thing you should do when given the balanced equation? 2. ,.., J. a). N2(g)+02(g) (>2NO(g)……………………. Answer(DSh’,ft- d-IT’)tJ’d-r"n v’j .

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Exercise 6 24 Le Chatelier S Principle IB Chem


Exercise 6.24 – Le Chatelier’s principle Q624-01 Consider the endothermic reaction below: 5CO(g) + I 2O 5(g) 5CO 2(g) + I 2(g) According to Le Chatelier‘s principle, which change would result in an increase in the amount of CO 2? A. Increasing the temperature B. Decreasing the temperature C. Increasing the pressure D. Decreasing the pressure Q624-02 The compounds …

Le Ch 226 Telier S Principle Worksheet D 131


Le Châtelier’s Principle Worksheet 1) What would happen to the position of the equilibrium when the following changes are made to the equilibrium system below? CH 4 (g) + 2H 2 S(g) ↔ CS 2 (g) + 4H 2 (g) (a) Decrease the concentration of dihydrogen sulfide (hydrosulfuric acid). Equilibrium will shift to favor reactants. (b) Increase the pressure on the system. Equilibrium …

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WORKSHEET #2 Le Chatelier’s Principle KEY 1. N2O4 (g) <——–> 2NO2(g) (H = + 92 KJ Shifts Shifts to Favor the Stress [N2O4] [NO2] Right or Left Reactants or Products A. [N2O4] is increased increases increases right products B. [NO2] …

Le Chatelier S Principle Worksheets


Le Chatelier’s Principle Worksheets 1) What is the effect on the total pressure inside a closed vessel if … a) More gas is added? _____ b) The container’s volume is increased? _____ 2) State Le hatelier’s Principle (3 parts). 3) Consider the following equilibrium in a closed flask at some temperature. 2 H 2 (g) + CO (g) CH 3 OH (g) H = -90.2 kJ/mol Write the expression for the …

Le Chatelier S Principle Worksheet


Le Chatelier’s Principle WorksheetName ___________________ Per __ 1) For the reaction below, which way would the equilibrium shift, for each situation below, to the right or to the left? CH4 (g) + 2H2S (g) ↔ CS2 (g) + 4H2 (g) (a) Decrease the concentration of dihydrogen sulfide. (b) Increase the pressure on the system.

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Le Chatelier’s Principle Worksheet Le Chatelier’s Principle Practice 1) For the reaction below, which change would cause this endothermic reaction in equilibrium to shift right? CH4 (g) + 2H2S (g) ↔ CS2 (g) + 4H2 (g) (a) Decrease the concentration of dihydrogen monosulfide (b) Increase the pressure on the system

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