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MEIOSIS AND MITOSIS ANSWERS 1.A gene is a biological unit of genetic information which is located in a definite position or locus on a filamentous or rod-shaped chromosome contained in the nucleus. 2.As an organism grows or repairs damaged tissue, …

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Meiosis Worksheet

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Meiosis Quiz Review with Answers! 1. Define the term diploid: Having the total number of chromosomes that an organism needs to survive. Represented by 2n. 2. Define the term haploid: Having half the total number of chromosomes an organism needs to survive. Represented by n. The haploid number is always half of the diploid number for any organism. 3. If an organism …

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20. Give 3 examples how meiosis differ from mitosis. 1. Meiosis occurs in gametes not somatic cells. 2. Meiosis forms 4 haploid cells, not 2 diploid cells. 3. Meiosis has 2 divisions not one division. 21. If the sperm cell of an organism contains 14 chromosomes, how many chromosomes are in a somatic cell of this organism? 28 22. The two major …

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Short Answer 10. Compare the number and type of cells that result from meiosis vs. mitosis. 11. How do the genetic contents of cells resulting from mitosis and meiosis differ? 12. Comparing and Contrasting Describe a similarity and a difference between meiosis I and meiosis II.

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5.1 Cell Division and the Cell Cycle Lesson 5.1: True or False Name_____ Class_____ Date_____ Write true if the statement is true or false if the statement is false.

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Draw Chromosome 1 in the cells below to demonstrate how this representative chromosome segregates during the different stages of meiosis. Show the location of Gene 1 on the chromosome with a line, label the alleles (A or a) appropriately in ALL STAGES ii. List the ploidy and the genotypes of the gametes at each stage provided below. Germ Cell!

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