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MECHANICS: Momentum and Collisions (Answers) Name: Total Marks: /30 . 1. Total for Question 1: 5 (a) De ne momentum. Is it a vector or scalar quantity? [1] Solution: Product of mass and velocity. Since velocity has magnitude and direction, it is a vector quantity. (b) Use Newton’s second law to explain the impulse of a force. [2] Solution: N2L: F= m v t. Impulse is F twhich …

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Momentum Worksheet #3 – Elastic/Inelastic Collisions In all collisions, momentum is always conserved. There are three types of collisions:Elastic Collisions – A collision where energy is also conserved. Dropping a ball to the ground and seeing it rebound to the exact same height would be an example of an elastic collision.

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According to the law of conservation of momentum, when two objects collide in the absence of friction, A. velocity decreases. B. velocity increases. C. momentum is not lost or gained. D. momentum is gained. The momentum of an object is in the same direction as its B. C. D. force. acceleration. velocity. inertia. What is the formula for momentum?

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Momentum and Collisions © The Physics Classroom, 2009 Page 2 2. A 2.1-kg brick is placed gently upon a 2.9-kg cart originally moving with a speed of 26 cm/s. Determine the post-collision speed of the combination of brick and cart. (2.9 kg)•(26 cm/s) = (2.1 kg + 2.9 kg)•v 75.4 kg•cm/s = (5.0 kg)•v v = 15.1 cm/s 3.

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In any collision or explosion involving two objects, the momentum change for each object is the same. So both the bullet and the gun encounter the same

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Physics I Honors: Chapter 6 Practice Test – Momentum and Collisions Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Which of the following equations can be used to directly calculate an object’s momentum, p? a. p = mv c. = FΔt b. d. Δp = F t ____ 2. When comparing the momentum of two moving objects, which of the …

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Momentum And Collisions Worksheet Answer Key, Boyle’s Law Practice Worksheet Answers, Proportional And Nonproportional …. The simulation models the following scenario, with two carts on a low friction track. Background.

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mass. This also means that momentum is conserved in all collisions and most explosions. Q14. A 2000-kg car traveling at 20 m/s collides with a 1000-kg car at rest at a stop sign. If the 2000-kg car has a velocity of 6.67 m/s after the collision, find the velocity of the 1000-kg after the collision (26.7 m/s) Q13 Q10

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