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the Muscular System Learning OutcOmes At the completion of your journey through this chapter, you will be able to: • Differentiate the three major muscle types. • Explain the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles. • Explain the types of skeletal muscle movement and the relationship between muscles. • Review movement terminology.

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8. Muscle Flexor – 9. Muscle Extensor – 10. Example of flexor/extensor – 11. List 2 ways to build strong muscles. 12. What is protein? 13. List 4 good sources of protein. 14. What is a muscle strain and how do you heal it? 15. What is a muscle cramp and how do you heal it? 16. What is muscular dystrophy, can it be cured? 17. What is …


Unit Five – Muscular System Page 1 Draft Copy UNIT 5 – MUSCULAR SYSTEM LECTURE NOTES 5.0I MUSCLE TISSUE – FUNCTIONS A. Motion by moving the skeletal levers of the body B. Posture – stabilizing body positions C. Regulation of organ volume D. Thermogenesis – heat production E. Protection of internal organs 5.02 CHARACTERISTICS OF MUSCLE


A basic principle of muscle action in a lever system is called the optimum angle of pull. An understanding of this principle is required for cor- rect assessment of muscle strength. Generally, the optimum angle of pull for any muscle is a right angle to the long axis of the bone to which it …


The muscular system: It enables us to move ( as the skeleton) It gives the body shape It protects some important organs such as the liver Face muscles chest triceps back quadriceps gluteus Femoral biceps calves trapezius shoulder biceps abdominals . Francesc Niella 2008 CEIP MONTSERRATINA – Viladecans 9 More about muscles: – The biggest muscle is not the …

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Quick lesson and free printable/live worksheets on the muscular system for learners from kindergarten up. Includes the types of muscles, how muscles work, and possible muscle injuries. Introduction to The Muscular System: Live Worksheet for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Types of Muscles: Muscular System Live Worksheet for Grade 3.

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COMPILED BY HOWIE BAUM 1 THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM Muscles make up the bulk of the body and account for 1/3 of its weight.!! Blood vessels and nerves run to every muscle, helping control and regulate each muscle’s function. The muscular system creates body …

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