New Year’s Resolution Worksheet 2021

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A worksheet on making New Year’s Resolutions. Requires students to fill in the blanks using the future tense (will + verb) and to write t… 3,972 Downloads New Year’s Idioms By This is a New Year’s idioms lesson. Students study idioms connected to New Year’s resolutions in context and then match them to their def… 3,918 Downloads

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On the other, making 10 new friends is doable. R elevant – Keep it relevant to your priorities and goals. See motivation section above! T ime-sensitive – Give yourself a time-frame in which to achieve a goal. A deadline will instill some urgency and provide a time when you can celebrate your success. 5.

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New Year‘s resolutions worksheets and online activities. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print.

New Year Resolution Worksheets 2022 EnglishGrammarSoft

New Year Resolution Worksheets 2022

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New Year’s Resolution by Kelly Hashway 1. Why was Erica writing New Year’s Resolutions? a. She likes to write them every year.b. All of her friends are writing resolutions. c. She wanted to surprise her mother. d. It was a homework assignment. 2. Which sentence about Erica is probably true? a. She likes to keep secrets. b.

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