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When the ball is at the highest point of its flight: a. the velocity and acceleration are both zero b. the x-velocity is zero and the yr-velocity is zero C. the x-velocity is non-zero, but the y-velocity is zero d. the velocity is non-zero, but the acceleration is zero 10. A …

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Projectile Motion Word Problems Worksheet With

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To solve word problems, ALWAYS follow these steps: 1. Read the problem carefully. 2. Draw a diagram or picture of the situation. 3. Write down what quantities are know and make sure they all have consistent dimensions. Circle given items and underline what you are looking for in the word problem. 4. Consider the equations based on what is known

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the motion of projectiles. The problems include finding the time of flight and range of a projectile, as well as finding the velocity and position at a certain time during the motion. You will need to think about what modelling assumptions are being made and how these assumptions affect the answers. Information sheet . A projectile is a particle that is given an initial velocity, but then …

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4. (Use the same general equation found in problem #3) A juggler tosses a ball into the air. The ball leaves the juggler’s hand 5 feet above the ground and has an initial velocity of 31 feet per second. a. Write an equation that represents the height of the ball as a function of time. b. How long will it take the ball to reach its maximum …


Download Full PDF Package Translate PDF PROJECTILE MOTION e The ball will strike the ground 1.0 s after it is PRACTICE QUESTIONS (WITH ANSWERS) struck. Then vx = 20 m s–1 * challenge questions and vy = 0 + (9.8 m s–2) (1.0 s) = 9.8 m s–1 The speed of the ball at 1.0 s is given by: [ (20 m s–1)2 + (9.8 m s–1)2] ½ = 22.3 m s–1 Q2. Q1.

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Problem 1 An object is launched at a velocity of 20 m/s in a direction making an angle of 25° upward with the horizontal. a) What is the maximum height reached by the object? b) What is the total flight time (between launch and touching the …

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8. A projectile is fired into the air from the top of a 210 m high cliff at a velocity of 60.0 m/s at angle of 500 above the horizontal. What is the range for this projectile is you neglect air friction? (5 marks) 0 range 9. A motorbike needs to clear 7.0 m wide ditch. A ramp with an angle of 110 has been built to the edge of the ditch. How …


PROJECTILE MOTION PRACTICE QUESTIONS (WITH ANSWERS) * challenge questions Q1. A golfer practising on a range with an elevated tee 4.9 m above the fairway is able to strike a ball so that it leaves the club with a horizontal velocity of 20 m s–1. (Assume the acceleration due to gravity is 9.80 m s–2, and the effects of air resistance may be

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