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Water Cycle Worksheet Answers 5. Water returns to plants, animals, people, the soil and oceans. 4. Clouds precipitate water in the form of snow, rain, hail or sleet. 2. Water vapor is carried by the wind. 3. Water condenses into clouds. 1. Evaporation from the ground, living organisms and puddles. Air Pollution: Lesson 5, Moving without Wheels …

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The Water Cycle. stu-dent Q. copy page. ANSWER KEY. Please see student/teacher copy page. TAKE ACTION! POSTER ITEMS. 1. I will wash the family’s car on grass so soap doesn’t enter the storm drain. 2. I will offer to water my fam-ily’s plants or pets for CRITICAL THINKING a month. ACTIVITIES • Host a water festival in your community and ask students to help teach …

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Water is everywhere. The same water that existed on the earth millions of years ago is still present today. This is due to the water cycle. Earth’s waters are constantly moving and changing from one state to another. The water cycle has been working for millions of years. The major processes of the water cycle are evaporation, condensation …

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The water cycle Stage 1 worksheets Exploring the water cycle and how we manage it to meet our needs Publication number SW30 09/21 | © Sydney Water.All rights reserved.

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Tell 2 ways water enters the atmosphere in the water cycle EVAPORATION AND TRANSPIRATION Tell something humans do to return nitrogen to the soil for the nitrogen cycle. __DECOMPOSITION, FERTILIZER USE_____ Although almost 80% of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen gas, most living things don’t have the enzymes necessary to use nitrogen …

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FREE Printable Water Cycle Worksheets For Kids

FREE Printable Water Cycle Worksheets for Kids

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