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Worksheet 9 The Unit Circle Find the point (x,y)on the unit circle that corresponds to the real number t. 1. t= π 4 2. t= π 3 3. t= 7π 6 4. t= 5π 4 5. t= 2π 3 6. t= 3π 2 7. t=π8. t=− 4π 3 Evaluate (if possible) the sine, cosine, and tangent of the real number. 9. t= π 4 10. t= π 3 11. t=− π 6 12. t= 11π 6 13. t= 3π 4 t 14. t= 5π 3 15.



2, (0, 900 2700 3n -1) 1) 2n 120′ 5 n 1350 150′ 1800 2106 2250 5 n 2400 (0, 300 3300 3150 3000 7n 517 4 n

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Incorporate these simple unit circle PDFs to determine the coordinates of the terminal point for the given angle measures. Unit circle diagram is provided in each worksheet for reference. Angle Formed by the Terminal Side Using the unit circle, find the measure of the angle formed by the terminal side and represent it as degrees or radians.



Exercises Sketch each of the following angles in standard position. (Do not use a protractor; just draw a brief sketch.) 1. 120θ= D 2. … Unit Circle Trigonometry Definitions of the Six Trigonometric Functions Definitions of the Six Trigonometric Functions We will soon learn how to apply the coordinates of the unit circle to find trigonometric functions, but we want to preface this …

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angles on the unit circle can be in degrees or radians. The circle is divided into 360 degrees starting on the right side of the x–axis and moving counterclockwise until a full rotation has been completed. In radians, this would be 2π. The unit circle is shown on the next page. Converting Between Degrees and Radians In trigonometry, most calculations use radians. Therefore, it is …

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Fill in the blanks. Degrees are on the inside, then radians, and the point’s coordinate in the brackets. For each quadrant, state which functions are positive and negative. Positive functions: Negative functions: The Unit Circle Positive functions:

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Blank Unit Circle Worksheets – Free to Print Now

The unit circle has a radius of 1 and is centered on the origin, (0,0). The values of sin, cos, and tan for 30°, 45°, and 60° are given by radicals – easier to work with than unwieldy decimal numbers. The equation for the unit circle is: x2 + x2 = 1 OR (cos θ) 2 + (sin θ) 2 = 1

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Math 36 Unit Circle Worksheet Name Use the unit circle and the first quadrant chart to find the given values. sin ! cos ! tan ! ! !r 1. sin (45°) 2. cos (30°) 3. tan (60°) 4. sec (120°) 5. cot (225°) 6. csc (330°) 7. cos (270°) 8. tan (90°) 9. sin (180°) 10. csc (-45°) 11. sec (-150°) 12. cot (-120°) 13. tan (570°) 14. cos (495°) 15.

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The Unit Circle Practice filling in this unit circle until you can complete it in 5 minutes. Place the degree angle measure of each angle in the dashed blanks inside the circle, and the radian measure of each angle in the solid blanks inside the circle. Place the coordinates of each point in the ordered pairs outside the circle

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1)Evaluate the six trigonometric functions of the angle ホク. 2)Let ホク be an acute angle of a right triangle. Find the other five trigonometric functions of ホク: a) 13 5 sin・ア・ス b) tan・ア・ス3 c) 7 4 cos・ア・ス 3)Find the exact values of x and y. a) b)

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