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Page 1 of 1. Lesson 3: Wavestown Answer Key Radio Waves Ray’s TV – TV reception uses radio waves Satellite Dish at Ray’s TV – receives movies via radio waves from a satellite Taxi – Car radio receives radio wave signals Taxi – Driver receives instructions on a CB radio which uses radio waves Radio Tower – broadcast’s radio signals Large Satellite dish in field – receives radio …

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Waves Study Guide Answer Key 1. What is the top of a wave called? Crest 2. What is the bottom of a wave called? Trough 3. What is frequency? How many waves go past a point in one second; unit of measurement is hertz (Hz). 4. If a wave is traveling at 60 cm/second and has a wavelength of 15 cm, what is the frequency?

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Waves Worksheet Answers 1. a) crest b) wavelength c) amplitude d) trough e) amplitude f) wavelength g) nodal line/equilibrium line 2. energy 3. crest / trough 4. amplitude 5. wavelength 6. A – 1.5 B – 1 C – 2.5 D – ½a. A b. C c. D 7.



Holt Science Spectrum 61 Waves Answer Key Concept Reviews SECTION: TYPES OF WAVES 1. sound waves—the air; seismic waves— Earth; water waves—the ocean 2. a. electromagnetic waves b. electric fields and magnetic fields 3. a. particles in the medium oscillate perpendicular to the direction the wave travels b. particles in the medium oscillate parallel to the direction the …

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Amplitude Wave 4: Wave 5: Wave 6: Amplitude Connection Juan is playing the piano. The music starts of at meso-forte (medium high volume). It then crescendos into forte (loud) and Juan plays dramatically. The music ends at piano (quietly) with a sweet melody. 6. Which wave represents the music at the beginning?_____Wave 6_____

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We will have three different note packets for waves and various wave phenomena. The formulas and electromagnetic spectrum that deals with waves can be found in your reference table. Note Packet 1 Waves PowerPoint 1 Note Packet 2 Waves

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Answer: A. In longitudinal waves, particles of the medium vibrate to and from in a direction parallel to the direction of energy transport. If energy is transmitted along a medium from the east end to the west end, then particles of the medium would vibrate eastward and westward. A sound wave is a longitudinal wave but not the answer since a …

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a wave in which the disturbance is perpendicular to the direction the wave travels 2. the number of wavelengths that pass a point each second 3. the maximum distance a wave varies from its rest position 4. a wave that can travel through empty space or through matter 5.

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