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PRACTICING WISE MIND Mindfulness skills often require a lot of PRACTICE. Like any new skill, it is important to first practice when you don’t need the skill. If you practice in easier situations, the skill will become automatic and you will have it when you need it. Practice with your eyes closed and with your eyes open. 1.!Stone flake on the lake. Imagine that you are by a clear blue lake …

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Adapted from DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition, by Marsha M. Linehan (2015) Wise Mind: States of Mind Reasonable Mind Is: Cool Rational Task-Focused When in reasonable mind, you are ruled by facts, reason, logic, and pragmatics. Values and feelings are not important. say things. Facts, reason, Wise Mind Is: The wisdom within each person Seeing …

DBT Wise Mind Worksheet PDF Mental Health Worksheets

DBT Wise Mind Worksheet PDF

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3 wise mind worksheets (That work)

DBT Wise Mind Worksheet


Wise Mind Worksheet 2015 [email protected] (The question, issue or problem I am exploring: What are the facts? What am I thinking about this? What do I feel about this situation? What are my emotions telling me? What does my body sense? What are are my body sensations telling me? Pause & Breathe What does my Wise Mind say about this? WWWMD? Listen DBT Wise Mind

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the wise mind: How I feel after the exercise. DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR www.dialecticalbehaviortherapy.com . Created Date: 1/19/2019 1:41:05 AM …

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Wise Mind Our brain has three ways of thinking: rationally, emotionally, and with our wise mind. Our rational mind bases decisions off of facts. Our emotional mind bases decisions purely off of emotions. Our wise mind is balanced and recognizes both our logical and emotional thinking and makes decisions by compromising the two.

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Wise Mind Worksheet Wise Mind (Linehan 1993) is the part of our mind where ‘Emotion Mind‘ (thoughts based on distressing feelings) and ‘Reasonable Mind‘ (rational thoughts) merge together. Wise Mind helps us make sense of our thoughts and feelings, and come up with a balanced and wise response, so that the needs of both Reasonable Mind (what I should do) and Emotion Mind

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